Weight Loss Testimonials

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LivLight Weight Loss always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected many reviews on the weight loss services we offer.

Please read what others are saying about LivLight Weight Loss:

“This place has been the answer to my prayers! The program & the coaching is above & beyond! Highly recommend!” Gretchen K.*

“I’ve had such an incredible experience here! Christine is absolutely amazing and has helped me every step of the way. Down 33lbs and I can’t wait to continue seeing results!” Angie M.*

“Your weight loss at LivLight is based on science!!! You are fully supported, and the staff is amazing ! I am down 15 pounds in 4 weeks. THIS WORKS!!!” Carolyn M.*

“After watching My best friend lose 40 pounds with LivLight Weight Loss, I knew I had to do this for myself too! I am 65 years old and sit at a desk for 6 hours a day…My weight loss journey with LivLight has been amazing…. I am proudly wearing size 8-10 and happy to see myself in the mirror. I have more energy and am eating more fresh fruits and vegetables with every meal. The staff at LivLight have been informative, supportive and are encouraging at every weekly meeting. This is one of the best decisions I have made for ME! Thank you LivLight Weight Loss.” Deb S.*

“LivLight Weight Loss has been a miracle for me. I’m 59 and 40 lbs overweight (and only 5’1″ – yikes!) I walked in and was greeted with kindness and genuine CARE for my health. They customized a plan for me and 2 months later, I am down 24.5 lbs. I feel great physically and mentally. So much more energy! The staff is so friendly and supportive! I’ve recommended this center to my friends who have noticed my transformation. … This is the ONLY program I have found in my lifetime that made it fun and easy, while eating regular everyday food that is in our homes, so we are able to be successful for years to come, with the knowledge we received while losing the unwanted pounds! Thank you sooo much!” Teresa M.*

“I have to say that I have tried all kinds of diets and this is the most effective, easiest to follow, and healthiest way I have found to lose weight.” Kathy. N.*

“Great program with great staff! Couldn’t have met weight goals without them!!” EJS*

“What can I say about LivLight Weight Loss Clinic? SO much. Let me begin with, I have lost 30lbs since joining their weight loss team, which for me is the most exciting part of it all! For me it was the same old saga, had a kid (hard to lose that weight), Mother passed away (emotional eating), and then Covid-19 came and sealed the deal. Overall, in 3 years, I had gained 40lbs and felt miserable…. After almost giving up, I ran across the LIV Light Weight loss website…this group of motivators have CHANGED MY LIFE! Please Please try them out, because if you’re looking for a permanent solution to a temporary problem, LOOK NO FURTHER! Thank you LivLight Weight Loss Clinic, you helped me achieve what I could not do on my own!” Amanda R.*

“I lost 34 pounds in 2 months. I feel really happy with my success.” Jose R.*

“LOVE THE SAUNA PODS HERE!!! My wedding is in May and my goal was to lose 25 pounds and get rid of my stubborn fat on my stomach. I reached my goal and have been regularly using the sauna pods. I noticed a HUGE change in the way my wedding dress fits and I absolutely love it. Thank you to the team here for helping me!” Amanda M.*

“I absolutely love it here! I started my program… weighing 295 pounds and I am now at 216lbs. I Love the level of accountability and support that is offered each and every time that I come in. I’ve had some bad personal days coming in, but the amount of encouragement and the strength that it takes for the young women here to motivate you is amazing. They make losing weight and being healthy so much more fun. I highly recommend this to anyone who is tired of yo-yo dieting and who really wants a complete lifestyle change.” LaShea A.*

“I have been going to LivLight for about two months now and have been treated professionally by the staff and the results so far are AMAZING. As of this writing, I am down 22+lbs and well on my way to reaching my personal goal. The plan that was recommended to me has worked and at no time have I felt hungry or have low energy since I started. The weekly appointments work really well to keep me honest and I have grown to look forward to stepping on the scale! You will enjoy the staff. They are friendly and knowledgeable and go out of their way to be available to answer questions and spend a few extra minutes with you. I am glad I chose LivLight and I recommend their services. UPDATE: After almost five months, I am down 40lbs! Love the support!” Preston T.*

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