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Lose Weight Without Dieting!

Do you know why most people don’t succeed in losing weight? It’s pretty simple. Most programs focus only on weight loss! Popular diets – even those with a large following – are a great start for millions of people. But then what?

It’s Time To Win The Battle

The LivLight Weight Loss Roadmap Plan is an easy-to-follow 12-week digital program with five phases that teach you how to keep the fat off for good. With our web portal and LivLight Daily App, our experts are with you every day. Delicious, easy recipes and eating guidelines, along with simple exercise ideas, help guide you to better health and smaller jeans. Before you know it, you can feel better, look better – and you’ve learned to keep the weight off for good!

Our Patients Give Us 5 Star Reviews on Lifestyle Change

I wish I had heard about them sooner! I struggled with my weight loss journey over the course of a few years. I tried so many different places, diet programs, and even spent a lot of money on personal trainers that just simply did not work. The team here has helped me lose over 60 pounds and I was able to keep it off.

Melissa M.

What’s Included?

  • The Weight Loss Roadmap to Wellness 12 Week Digital program
  • The LivLight Daily App 12 Week Activation
  • Daily tips, advice & action tasks from expert LivLight Coaching Staff
  • Delicious whole food recipes for everyday healthy eating
  • Unlimited texting with our expert coaches inside our weight loss app
  • Discount of 10 % off all LivLight Weight Loss shakes, bars & nutrient patches
  • Optional Weight Loss in a Box remote scale that synchronizes directly into your LivLight Daily App account

Are you ready to enjoy more energy, and get back to a weight that makes you truly happy?

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