Stress eating is a common problem today, and it is often the reason that people can’t lose weight. In the weight loss program at LivLight Weight Loss, which is located in Fairfax, VA, patients will learn effective tools to combat stress eating so they can achieve success at last.

Stress Eating Q & A

What Is Stress Eating?

Stress eating, also commonly called emotional eating, is overeating that happens during times of stress, anger, or other heightened emotions. Many people are most likely to binge, or at least to eat more than they normally would, when they are under high levels of stress. This may be an attempt at distraction from the problem at hand, or an attempt to find comfort in something.

How Can a Person Stop Stress Eating?

Stress eating is a bad habit for many people, and ingrained habits take some effort to break. People who are trying to lose weight will often find that a medical weight loss program is the ideal solution because the doctor and support staff can provide the support needed to break the stress eating cycle. One way to combat stress eating is to make sure that the brain isn’t prompting unnecessary eating. Diet plans like the Think Thin system are designed to help patients stay in control, beat cravings, and beat stress eating.

What Is the Think Thin System?

The Think Thin system is a specially designed program of neurofeedback training designed to help people avoid the pitfall of “eating their feelings.” Changing the mental response to stress goes a long way to changing your eating habits. Uncontrolled reactions to stress lead to increased blood sugar and insulin production. This leads to excess blood sugar being stored away as fat.

As part of an uncontrolled reaction to stress, once the blood sugar levels drop, you develop hunger pangs and carbohydrate cravings. So, a natural reaction is to reach for a cookie, some candy, or other simple carbohydrates. Neurofeedback training replaces this unhealthy reaction to stress with a healthy one so that stress eating is a thing of the past!

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