The BodySlim Pod

with Healing Jade Stones Enjoy Innovative Calorie Burn Burn Up To 600 Calories - in a single Session! Traditional saunas only heat the air around you. The temperature often range from 180-220 degrees. Most people cannot stand this "outside heat" [...]


Appetite Suppressants

Even patients who have failed with countless diets before may find that appetite suppressants give them the extra help they need to succeed. LivLight Weight Loss, located  in Fairfax & Ashburn, VA, offers highly effective appetite suppressants for qualified individuals. [...]


B12 Shots – Weight Loss

Vitamin B12 shots are a highly effective way to speed weight loss. The team at LivLight Weight Loss, in Fairfax & Ashburn, VA, provide B12 shots to patients who want to do less stress eating and have better energy levels [...]


Customized Weight Loss Plans

BMI and weight loss go hand in hand. A BMI measurement is one of the first things that you will do in your weight loss program at LivLight Weight Loss, in in Fairfax & Ashburn, VA. The BMI and other [...]


BodyWrap Massage

Content coming soon... Are You ready To Lose Weight Now? Call the LivLight Weight Loss, located in Fairfax, Virginia (703) 591-2091 and Ashburn, Virginia (703) 729-1169 for a medically-supervised weight loss program might be right for you. *Individual [...]


Lipotropic Injections

Many people ask for a weight loss boost, and lipotropic injections can provide exactly what is needed. LivLight Weight Loss, in Fairfax & Ashburn, VA LivLight Weight Loss, located  in Fairfax & Ashburn, VA, offers these highly beneficial injections as [...]