Medical Appetite Suppressants

Hunger can push anyone to abandon even the most delicious food plan. Why be hungry? If you are not hungry, weight loss comes easy, making good choices, one meal at a time.

Appetite suppressants are designed to decrease your appetite. At LivLight Weight Loss, FDA Approved Doctor-Prescribed appetite suppressants can be part of your physician-approved, healthy, low-calorie diet. They are a very effective tool that can allow everyone to finally succeed at their weight loss goals.

Lose weight without hunger with only one weekly injection!

Our medical weight loss doctors can also prescribe the newest weight loss medications Semaglutide (Ozempic and Wegovy) and Tirzepatide (Mounjaro). Compounded GLP-1s help you feel satisfied with fewer calories so you can achieve fast weight loss.

Once medically approved, you can receive injections at our clinic or delivered overnight right to your home. Why choose LivLight Weight Loss? It’s simple: our expert team of nutritionists make sure you know exactly what to do and how to eat to maximize your results. And there is no need for insurance!

GLP-1 medications can be a total game-changer for your weight loss journey.

Feel Good About Your Body Again

At LivLight Weight Loss, we have helped thousands of patients over the past 15 years escape the depressing cycle of being overweight and have helped them find their joy of living again. Our caring team of counselors and doctors want you to feel great and be healthy. Our experienced team and modern approach can help you lose up to 3 times more weight faster than any one-size-fits-all program.

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One Patient’s Story

P.T. travels often for his high security government job and cannot always prepare his own food when he wants. Nonetheless, our hunger control medications and weight loss boosters allowed him to lose 22 pounds in the first 60 days…and then keep right on going:

I have been going to LivLight for about two months now and have been treated professionally by the staff and the results so far are AMAZING. As of this writing, I am down 22+lbs and well on my way to reaching my personal goal. The plan that was recommended to me has worked and at no time have I felt hungry or have low energy since I started.

The weekly appointments work really well to keep me honest, and I have grown to look forward to stepping on the scale! You will enjoy the staff. They are friendly and knowledgeable and go out of their way to be available to answer questions and spend a few extra minutes with you. I am glad I chose LivLight and I recommend their services.

UPDATE: After almost five months, I am down 40 lbs! Love the support! – P.T

Lose Weight Fast

Even patients who have failed with previous diets find that medical appetite suppressants give them the extra help they need to succeed. They allow you to eat a nutritionally balanced, reduced-calorie diet without hunger. When medical appetite suppressants are used as part of a scientifically designed, physician-approved weight loss program, you can lose weight faster than you thought possible.

Without hunger and cravings interfering with your weight loss, you can take time to learn healthy, new eating habits that you can use for long-term success.

“I lost 34 pounds in 2 months. I feel really happy with my success” Jose R.

Are Appetite Suppressants for Everyone?

The appetite suppressants used by LivLight Weight Loss doctors are FDA approved and are only prescribed for patients who can take them safely. Prior to receiving a prescription, patients will have an EKG, blood analysis, and a Telemedicine examination with our physician.

The information gathered during these tests, in combination with a patient’s medical history, will be used to make sure that the patient is an appropriate candidate for appetite suppressants. Once approved, they are always used together with a healthy food plan and professional monitoring.

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