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LivLight Weight Loss Staff
Phyllis L.
LivLight Weight Loss Staff - Ashburn
(703) 729-1169

Before joining our weight loss center, Phyllis enjoyed a 30 year career in Human Resources and also played an integral part in a recent national effort to help those with Type 2 Diabetes. She understands the epidemic of diabetes in our community and is passionate about contributing to the process of assisting these individuals to control and improve Type 2 Diabetes through awareness, diet and coaching. She helps LivLight Weight Loss create a trusted place where patients can receive care in weight loss, stress management and overall wellbeing. As a Diet Counselor, Phyllis is very in touch with the concept that helping patients build strong self-esteem and strengthen their sense of self-love leads them to lead healthier lifestyles and nurture their bodies with good nutrition. She shares the best weight loss tips.

Phyllis spends time with her family and believes in yoga for her own overall good health.