Embarking on a weight loss program by yourself is one of the top reasons people fail in their attempts to change their diet or lose the desired extra inches from their waistline. But dieters don’t have to go it alone. Getting help understanding which diet will work for your body type and what techniques will work best for your lifestyle are crucial ingredients to losing the weight you want. That’s why a medically-supervised weight loss program can give you an edge and help you reach your weight loss goals.

Personalized programs match your unique needs.

Medical weight loss programs leverage science to help you make long-lasting changes. We all know that not all diet programs work the same for everyone. If they did, there wouldn’t be so many of them!  One of the major benefits of having a physician oversee your weight loss is that they can evaluate your current health and conduct an accurate screening and body composition analysis also called BMI or body mass index. If you require a gluten-free diet, vegetarian or other diets, they can help incorporate that information in the planning for your unique weight-loss program.

Physicians employ safe, proven weight loss methods.

If you are managing a health condition or on medications, a physician specializing in weight loss will take that into account so that your weight loss program is not only effective but also safe and free of unwanted side effects. Some weight loss plans that offer results that are too good to be true or weight loss that is unreasonably fast can be harmful, make you feel tired or depleted, and be impossible to maintain. Whereas a medical weight loss program can help you set expectations with a weight loss goal that you can maintain for the long term.

Counseling and personalized support can make a difference.

Medical weight loss programs overseen by physicians include counseling and personalized support. They understand that you are not only seeking weight loss but also healthy lifestyle habits. Making new habits is hard work, especially if you are hungry or craving carbs in the middle of the afternoon.  Having a suite of tools to track your progress can help you stay motivated, and personalized one-on-one support with an experienced professional will answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you stay accountable to the goals you’ve set. All of these factors combined can help you slim down for good.

Physician-approved weight loss products are proven to work

A physician-approved weight loss program can offer weight loss that is proven to work for most people who follow the program. Nutritional supplements, appetite suppressants, and meal replacement programs that have been tested and are backed by science take the guesswork out of wondering if a product is safe and effective.

We Can Help

LivLight Weight Loss  (Fairfax, VA) offers a comprehensive medical weight loss and maintenance program to help you slim down for better health. We know getting started can be daunting which is why our medical weight loss program can support you one-on-one through your weight loss journey.