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Metabolic weight loss with a real doctor works…Fast!

At LivLight Weight Loss, we use modern technology and methods to evaluate your personal weight loss needs and customize a plan to help you take control of your weight loss goals. No matter where you live, our experienced team can help you lose up to 3 times more weight faster than any one-size-fits-all program. Whether you have been overweight your entire life, or are struggling with the Covid “19lbs”, we have a plan to get things turned around – fast!

Get Off The Weight Loss Roller Coaster!

We’re a specialty clinic that brings together all the science, tools, and support that can provide you with effective, long-term weight loss that is both fast and easy to do. We have a proven track record of 16 years and thousands of pounds lost. Our focus is on helping you form new, healthy eating habits by providing personalized support, food plans and – for those who want faster results – doctor-prescribed appetite suppressants and GLP-1 medications.

Semaglutide (Ozempic and Wegovy) and Tirzepatide (Mounjaro) are pharmacy compounded GLP-1s that help you feel satisfied with fewer calories so you can achieve fast weight loss. Our expert team of nutritionists make sure you know how to eat to maximize your results on a GLP-1 plan.  Once medically approved, you can receive injections at our clinic or delivered overnight right to your home.

One Patient’s Story

One of our patients shares her success story:

“LivLight Weight Loss has been a miracle for me. I’m 59 and 40 lbs overweight (and only 5’1″ – yikes!) I walked in and was greeted with kindness and genuine CARE for my health. They customized a plan for me and 2 months later, I am down 24.5 lbs. I feel great physically and mentally. So much more energy! The staff is so friendly and supportive! I’ve recommended this center to my friends who have noticed my transformation…

This is the ONLY program I have found in my lifetime that made it fun and easy, while eating regular everyday food that is in our homes, so we are able to be successful for years to come, with the knowledge we received while losing the unwanted pounds! Thank you sooo much!”. – Theresa M.

How Do I Find Out if LivLight Weight Loss Can Help Me – For Free?

Let us evaluate your metabolism for free in-clinic or in a private, virtual zoom session.

  • Schedule your Free Weight Loss Consultation
  • Fill out our online Patient Form to help us understand your goals, medical history, and daily lifestyle.
  • Next, we provide a Free Weight Loss Consultation (in-clinic or virtual)
  • Then we will give you our Personalized, Professional Recommendations for your weight loss plan, including our all-natural fat burning injections and weight loss boosters.

Another Patient’s Story – Life-Changing Results

A very happy LivLight Weight Loss patient wrote this after losing his first 70 pounds:

“I started my weight loss journey at 280 lbs and currently am at 210 lbs. I have tried EVERYTHING in the past to lose weight. I purchased a lot of weight loss products in the past that resulted in me gaining more weight and losing hundreds of dollars. I was very frustrated for years and stumbled upon LivLight that was recommended by a friend.

 The girls that work at this location are the nicest and most caring girls I have ever met in my entire life. I enjoy coming into the office every week to receive my shot and valuable counseling from them. If you’re looking for a weight loss clinic that’s going to change your life, then look no more you have found your place!! Brian K.

We Start with a Medical Screening and Consultation by an Experienced Medical Professional

Medical screening allows us to qualify you for quick weight loss and make sure we choose a plan that’s right for your biology. It’s the first step of your successful journey.

  1. First, we schedule your medical screening (comprehensive blood panel, EKG, blood pressure, BCA)
  2. Next, receive a full Medical Review with our U.S. based Clinic Physician/Nurse Practitioner via Telemedicine
  3. Receive your medication at the clinic or delivered directly to your home.
  4. Follow your food plan and start losing weight.

All patients must qualify medically to receive appetite suppressants and GLP-1 medications. 

Don’t want medication? Use one of our professional food plans and enjoy access to our supply of delicious medical meals that help you feel full for hours. Online Store:

This is How You Lose the Weight Once and For All

  • Start on “Phase I” of your personalized real food plan and start losing weight
  • We provide weekly appointments with our professional, friendly counselors (in-clinic or virtual).
  • We will guide you through Active Weight Loss and Maintenance for long-term results.
  • Use our weight loss boosters and fat burning enhancers to achieve faster results
  • Easy access to our LivLight Daily App for daily monitoring & lifestyle education
  • Celebrate your success!

Contact us to learn more about our services and our various food plans (Controlled Carb, Keto, Vegetarian, Plant-Based, and many others).

During your Free Weight Loss Consultation, you can learn more about our delicious weight loss boosters, fat burning injections, and the weight-loss medications our physicians use by clicking on the links provided here.

For A Limited Time!

A 60-day supply of medical appetite suppressants is included in all medical plans*

Absolutely Free!

Questions? Call us at LivLight Weight Loss Fairfax, Virginia(703) 591-2091, or email your question.

*Individuals must qualify for aggressive weight loss and medications

*Results vary depending on your starting point, goals, and effort.