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B12 Shots – Weight Loss

Vitamin B12 shots are a highly effective way to speed weight loss. The team at LivLight Weight Loss, in Fairfax, VA, provides B12 shots to patients who want to do less stress eating and have better energy levels while on a low-calorie weight loss plan.

B12 Shots Q & A

Why Do People Suffer From B12 Depletion?

Stress and fatigue can combine to make the body burn through its stores of B12 very rapidly. This lack of B12 in the body can slow weight loss down to a crawl, and it can lead to a lack of energy. Because B12 is needed to help the body function at its peak, a lack of vitamin B12 can cause the body to slow down and feel sluggish in general.

What Can B12 Injections Do?

Vitamin B12 injections can be an excellent way to restore B12 to the body when it’s been depleted. Regular B12 injections can help a person metabolize carbs, fat, and protein more efficiently. Vitamin B12 injections also provide a natural energy boost — no sugar or caffeine needed. In fact, many people notice that they have reduced cravings for sugar, salt, and other unhealthy things. Having B12 injections helps many people keep their appetite under control, and it also helps with better sleeping habits. When a person has vitamin B12 injections regularly, they are also boosting their red blood and nerve cell function.

Why Is Vitamin B12 So Effective in Weight Loss Programs?

Vitamin B12 injections are well known for providing a metabolic boost and appetite control, both critical components of rapid weight loss. The energy boost from vitamin B12 can also have a significant impact on weight loss. More energy means more interest in exercise, and less tendency to be lethargic. Even half an hour of exercise every day can have big benefits for rapid weight loss.

How Does Vitamin B12 Injection Therapy Work?

Most people who have vitamin B12 therapy as part of a medical weight loss program at LivLight Weight Loss will have weekly injections. The vitamin B12 injections are very quick and easy and cause little to no discomfort.

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