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“No-Gain” Thanksgiving Recipes

Wondering what to bring to Thanksgiving this year that will be delicious and…well… not taste like cardboard? Following a Thanksgiving tasting event at our clinic, we decided to share some recipes with you to inspire you while you are on [...]


Breast Cancer Prevention

Every Step You Make, Every Bite You Take Picture this: a world where your diet could be a potent weapon against breast cancer. While there's no magic food that can guarantee you won't develop it, there's strong evidence suggesting that [...]


Weight Loss Coaching

It's Your Weight Loss Secret Weapon So, you want to lose some weight, but you’ve tried all kinds of things that promised big results but didn’t deliver. So, where do you start? We've all been on that rollercoaster of trying [...]


Unlocking the Path to Weight Loss Medication

Weight management can be a true challenge. Sometimes, despite rigorous efforts with dieting and exercise, you might find it difficult to shed those extra pounds. In such cases, weight loss medication can be a valuable tool to help you reach [...]


How to NOT Give Up on Your Goal

Achieving your weight loss dream goal can be challenging at times, especially if the scale won’t budge after a few weeks and you are not sure what to do to improve your results. Am I eating too many carbs? How [...]


Tips to Avoid Weight Gain at Halloween

Halloween is upon us! While it’s fine to enjoy a treat, Americans gain more weight over the holidays than any other time of the year, so decide now that you will not let things get out of control this holiday [...]


6 Simple Diet & Lifestyle Changes…

To Start Your Best Weight Loss Transformation The start of each year is when we promise ourselves that we’ll make drastic changes to our diet and lifestyle to lose those extra holiday pounds. Often, those pounds are really just the [...]


Weight, Obesity & Cancer Risk

Written by Susan H. Malzone, Certified Holistic Cancer Coach You’re probably familiar with the many damaging emotional effects that carrying extra weight can have on people.  An overweight person might feel or say things like “I’m so upset - I [...]

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