Advice for Staying Motivated on Your Weight Loss Plan

Starting a weight loss program is a commitment to becoming more healthy and gaining new habits. It is not always easy though. Invitations to parties come up; work deadlines stress us out. How does someone stay motivated? The following tips will help you stick with your weight loss plan when the going gets tough.

Be realistic.

Setting realistic goals will ensure you embark on a weight loss journey that is attainable. When you work with a medically-supervised weight loss program like the LivLight Weight Loss in Fairfax, Virginia, you can feel confident that a structured weight loss program that is customized for your unique needs and takes your health concerns into consideration will get you the results you want. Concentrate on goals you can achieve, so you can witness steady progress toward your goal.

Surround yourself with support.

Making lifestyle changes that include exercise and diet can be challenging. Surround yourself with positive people who support your choices and can encourage you. If you are working with a medical weight loss program, make sure you schedule regular times to check in to get your questions answered, troubleshoot problems, and get the encouragement you need to keep at it.

Check into weight loss medications.

Ask if weight loss medications prescribed by a physician such as Energizer B12 shots (weight loss boosters), fat-burning lipotropic injections, or a Prescription Fat-Burning Liquid (weight loss boosters) can be added to your weight loss regimen to boost your energy, increase your metabolism, and help you see results more quickly.

Be gentle with yourself if you have a setback.

It is completely normal to have an off-day on your weight loss program. Perhaps you had a particularly stressful day or couldn’t resist the temptation of the birthday celebration at work. Changing a habit takes time, persistence, and patience. If at first, you don’t succeed, try again. Plan in advance for what you can do if stress or cravings crop up, so you can choose a healthier way to respond. Having a weight loss counselor available to you can really make a difference and help you stay accountable.

Track your progress.

Remind yourself of your weight loss goals and keep track of your progress. Handy apps on your smartphone can make this easier.  You could even keep a journal sharing how you are doing each day. This can be a wonderful way to look back and see how far you have come and be grateful for each day’s progress toward health and a slimmer you!

Celebrate your success!

When your reach certain milestones during your weight loss journey, plan to celebrate!  Purchase a new, trendy exercise shirt or shoes so you feel snazzy at the gym or on the trail. Plan a night out with your friends to see a movie or play games. If you feel comfortable, share your success on your social media sites with friends so they can encourage you, too.

Let us be your weight loss partner

Let LivLight Weight Loss, located in Fairfax, VA, be your weight loss partner so you have the support and expertise you need to reach your weight loss goals. We specialize in comprehensive, medical weight loss programs paired with unlimited one-on-one support by our counselors, so you have a built-in support system from the very beginning. If a personalized approach to weight loss and lifestyle enhancement sounds good to you, contact us to learn more.