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Look Great, Feel Even Better!

Our easy-to-follow weight loss programs can help you lose weight easier and faster than ever before.

New appetite suppressants, weight loss boosters, and live professional support combined with healthy, delicious real food helps you lose weight like nothing before.

Stimulate Your Fat Metabolism and Lose Unwanted Pounds Without Hunger.

The LivLight Weight Loss system utilizes a custom blend of doctor-prescribed Appetite Suppressants and fat burning injections plus metabolism boosters to quickly put you on the fast track to weight loss. Even better, all of our programs can be done at home, easily and effectively. Whether you join the in-clinic or virtual-clinic program, all of our real food plans and metabolism boosting foods and specialty supplements are available to help crush cravings and reduce hunger. You receive the weekly personal support from our experienced team of counselors that has a proven track record of helping our patients achieve fast, effective weight loss for the long term.

Concerned with what to eat for lunch? Access the LivLight Daily App to help make healthy, delicious choices that fill you up while keeping you on track.

Need to shed a few pounds before the weekend? Twenty-five minutes in our relaxing BodySlim Pod typically boosts calorie burn to reduce your weight even faster.

For those with water retention challenges, The BodyWrap helps clear out unwanted toxins, while leaving you feeling fresh and energetic!

Take the first step to help transform your life – today!

Start by Scheduling Your Free, No-Obligation Weight Loss Consultation Today.  Choose In-Clinic or by Phone (703) 591-2091 – or meet us via zoom in our Telemedicine Clinic.

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Weight loss is attainable with physical-approved diet and exercise protocols, a variety of weight-loss tools, and personalized support. Read some of out weight loss tips that can help you reach your weight loss goals.

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