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Our easy-to-follow weight loss programs can help you lose weight easier and faster than ever before.

At the LivLight Weight Loss clinic, conveniently located in Fairfax, Virginia, we provide medical weight loss solutions for fast weight loss.  Using state-of-the-art technology to evaluate an individual’s body composition, we customize food plans based on your metabolic rate and food preferences. The combination of these healthy food plans with personal support from our nutritional coaching team and weight loss injections help crush food cravings and reduce hunger so you can form new habits and achieve fast, effective weight loss for the long term.

Lose up to 15 lbs. per Month with Medical Weight Loss

What if you could maintain better control over your eating habits?

What if you could remain in full control of your eating – in any situation?

Yes, it’s possible! Our LivLight Weight Loss medical team prescribes the most effective and appropriate appetite suppressing medication for our patients via Telemedicine. We provide options for FDA-approved daily appetite suppressants and the newest GLP-1 weight loss medications called Semaglutide (the same active ingredient as Ozempic and Wegovy) and Tirzepatide (the same active ingredient as Mounjaro) so that you don’t need to ever be hungry while losing weight fast. These weight loss pills and injections literally turn off the “food noise” that causes you to think about food all the time. Then it’s just a matter of following our easy nutritional advice. We offer in-clinic and remote coaching sessions to all our patients.

Too busy to shop or cook your meals? LivLight Weight Loss also gives you access to delicious high-quality protein foods and snacks both in the clinic and through our online store. Have some of our absolute favorites (Numetra Caramel Coffee Frappe, Cinnamon bars, Chocolate Mint shakes and Cappuccino) sent right to your front door.  Online Store:

Here is one patient’s experience: “Definitely the best experience and supportive environment for weight loss. The counselors are very friendly and provide honest but caring instructions to guide you through your process. The injections keep me energized throughout the week. My favorite part is learning how to eat real food and not being obligated to buy or have to use “diet packaged” food. However, the snacks and meal replacements available are great options and taste really good. There are so many good things and services at LivLight and the relationship established is set to help you get to and maintain your goals for the long term.” KM.

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We offer a no-risk, no-obligation, free consultation in clinic or via remote zoom so you can learn more. Contact us or call us at (703) 591-2091 today and let us help you get started.

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Weight loss is attainable with physical-approved diet and exercise protocols, a variety of weight-loss tools, and personalized support. Read some of out weight loss tips that can help you reach your weight loss goals.

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